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What is CattleLink?

Easy to Use- A User Friendly software herd management program designed for the management of beef cattle. Handles large cattle numbers quickly and easily. CattleLink will produce great results with little typing and has numerous pre-made reports.

Farmers not Academics - CattleLink was researched and designed by beef producers who know cattle. It has a practical design reflecting what happens in the paddock and not in a textbook.

Better Management - CattleLink has a unique in-herd performance system that allows farmers to measure the performances of sires, dams and their progeny. These can then be ranked according to performance of desired traits.

Time Saver – Enter cattle information easily, either in bulk or individually. Save time with Bulk Activities option when recording: joining, pregnancy status, calving, weighing, health/drench treatments etc. LPA Audits are taking place. CattleLink will assist in keeping these records up to date.

Powerful Animal Selector - Selects animals individually or from paddocks mobs, breed, or by age/DOB or by User defined groups. This selection can then be used for joining, drenching, movements, sales/transport or for printing out yard sheets.

CattleLink is Compatible – With Breedplan, National Livestock Identification Scheme, CattleCare, weigh scales and electronic scanners and with your breed society. Breed codes for calf registration of most breeds have been pre-entered.

Improved Marketing – Photo storage, sale catalogue production, Client database, attractive printouts, ideal for marketing stud cattle.

Farm Organiser – Task Manager assists with recording jobs needing attention. Comes complete with task details and record of action taken. Great for organising staff and ensuring jobs are done on time.

More Dollars - Improved decisions can be made due to CattleLink’s ability to organise and calculate the performance of your cattle. CattleLink takes the "guess work" out of your beef operation. Increased profits should result."

CattleLink comes in
Stud and Commercial Editions and is designed to handle large cattle
numbers with ease. Stud Edition includes a full Commercial Edition.

Commercial Edition
Animal selection - singular or groups
Bulk joining facilities with Predicted calving dates.
Auto records animal movement history
Adjusted Daily Weight Gains and Weight Ratios
Weigh scale compatible
NLIS compatible
LPA, CattleCare and EU compatible
Auto drench WHP/ESI warning.
Semen, Chemical/Drug Inventories.
Cattle sales records including vendor’s declaration and MSA Numbers.
Task Manager - For task tracking.
Numerous reports
Plus Stud Edition features….
Breed Society and ABRI compatible.
Breedplan downloads via Internet or disk.
Online electronic calf registrations to Society
Online weight submissions to ABRI.
EBV projections - Preview matings
“Walking” pedigree tree to look back further
Multiple photo facility for each animal.
Notes - Both personal and marketing.
Sale Catalogue Production
Why Use CattleLink?
Do you or your staff….
Spend too much time keeping cattle records?
Know the performance of your cows and bulls?
Wish to trace animal movements, treatments?
Want to make use of the NLIS tags?
Need detailed sales records and track stock numbers?
Wish to easily record weights and traits of your cattle?
Receive LPA audits?
Need to present stud records in a professional manner?
Wish to improve your marketing of Stud Stock?
Wish to save time working with your breed society?
Find completing stud paperwork a time consuming process?
  Be LPA Audit Ready........
Price List
  Active Animals RRP Price GST Total
CattleLink Demo CD   $10 $1 $11
Commercial Bronze 0 to 50 $550 $55 $605
Commercial Silver 51 to 500 $750 $75 $825
Commercial Gold 501+ $950 $95 $1,045
Stud Bronze 0 to 50 $750 $75 $825
Stud Silver 51 to 500 $950 $95 $1,045
Stud Gold 501+ $1,150 $115 $1,265
HerdLink Membership   $100 $10 $110
CattleLink – “Makes life easy”